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Sustainability and Green Initiative Services

"As state or process that can be maintained indefinitely. The principles of sustainability integrate three elements - the environment, the economy and the social system - into a system that can be maintained in a healthy state indefinitely."
British Columbia Ministry of Forests, 1996

Sustainable Development
"Development that meets the needs of the present with out damaging or compromising the ability of future generations to meet there own needs."
The United Nations, 1987

In an effort to support your requirements and the Global Sustainability Initiative APEX Packaging with your help will reduce materials in the waste stream, will utilize bio-stable and recyclable materials, will guide you to recycling centers, will offer JIT Programs, will continually attempt to offer products that will contribute less and less to the waste stream. These efforts will not only support the green program but also in a coordinated effort reduce your costs.

We look forward to helping achieve these very important goals and objectives.


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