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Foam Fabrication Services

APEX Packaging Engineered Pack Solutions.

APEX Packaging can help design, test, certify and produce superior custom molded foam pack solutions engineered for each specific requirement. Utilizing high quality polyurethane foams your products will be protected, attractive and your packaging solution will be cost effective.
  • Superior Product Protection
  • Damage Free Packaging
  • Custom Fit Cushioning
  • Custom Designed for Your Product
  • Low Volume, Mid Volume and High Volume Capabilities
  • Heavy Duty Blocking and Bracing
  • Void Fill
  • Temperature Controlled Cooler
  • ISTA Certification (International Safe Transit Association)
  • JIT (Just-In-Time) Delivery programs
  • Minimal Tooling Costs
Our pack solutions will be designed with sustainability in mind. As a result of these superior cushioning capabilities and the strategic use of foam placement, material source reduction is achieved. Our foam molded cushions compress to 1/10 of their original volume, are bio-stable and will not contaminate any part of the environment.

These products may be shipped to recycling centers for recycling.


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