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Flexible Packaging Film

We offer a complete line of semi-automatic and automatic horizontal and vertical flow wrappers, multihead scales, and form, fill and seal equipment for the packaging, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, food, & beverage industries. No matter the application, requirement, or equipment to be supported we will supply the highest performance packaging materials available.

Flexible Film packaging can create a packaging solution that can improve your brand, your brand image, your product, and offer your company a dramatic marketing edge.

Improved shelf appeal, improved function, shelf life and product integrity are all benefits of flexible film packaging.

  • Product Capabilities
  • BOPP
  • Polyethylene - HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE.
    • Bags, Tubing, POP Sheets

Available in Biodegradable format


·  Flexible Packaging Films - 3

·  Flexible Packaging Films - 4

·  Polyethylene Bundling - 5

·  Flexible Packaging Films - 5 BOPP


Brochure for Flexible Packaging Films
(PDF, 1389KB)

Flexible Film Packaging-Bag Styles
(PDF, 547KB)

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