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Strapping Materials & Manual Hand Tool

We are a full service supplier of plastic strapping, plastic strapping machines and systems, along with tools and accessories.

PET (Polyester)
Plastic Strapping is utilized for unitizing, palletizing and bundling. The strongest plastic strapping product is (PET) Polyester. Polyester Strapping can replace steel strapping in most applications. It provides excellent retained tension, absorbs 1 1/2 times the impact of steel strapping and is easy to dispose of. PET works well in the lumber, textile, paperboard and brick industries. PET is available in both hand grade and machine grade for fully-automatic equipment.

PPY (Polypropylene)
Polypropylene Strapping is an inexpensive packaging alternative designed for light duty unitizing, palletizing and bundling. Embossed PPY provide strong, efficient seal joints and help avoid split strap. PPY Strap is available in both hand grade and machine grade performance levels. Strap sizes are 5 mm - 3/4". Multiple grades and strengths are available for determining the correct choice for your application.

The APEX Packaging Team will help you in determining the correct strapping material as well as the proper dispensing system. We will help your team choose and implement the correct system for your application. We carry a full line of Semi-Automatic and Fully-Automatic Strapping Systems. See Also; Semi-Automatic Machines, Automatic Machines, Automatic Systems, Hand Tools.

APEX Packaging has a full line of Manual Strapping Tools, including Sealers and Tensioners.


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