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Biodegradable Stretch Wrapping

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Stretch Wrapping Films

Biodegradable Stretch Wrapping Films

Continuous improved performance, cost reduction and global sustainability requirements drive our stretch film initiatives. APEX Packaging offers a full line on innovative stretch films formulated for Optimal and Unmatched Performance.
Stretch Wrapping

Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machines

Semi-automatic stretch wrappers are ideal for wrapping between 10-20 loads per hour. Loads can be as heavy as 8000 lbs. Apex Packaging offers a wide range of pallet wrapping equipment depending on loads per hour required as well as weight per load. These machines are the most rugged, reliable, and safe wrappers in the industry.
Conveyorized Stretch Wrappers

Fully-Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machines

Automatic stretch wrappers are designed to maximize throughput and efficiency. These heavy duty machines are both highly affordable, competitively priced and offer a rugged, heavy duty solution to your pallet wrapping requirements. These machines carry as much as a 10 year warranty on some components and a lifetime warranty on the pre-stretch rollers. When required our engineering team will help custom design a solution to meet your specific requirements.
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