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Package Design and Testing Services

Package Design and Testing Services

Many customers have diverse packaging requirements. APEX Packaging will act as a consultant to help you redesign packaging components and your entire packaging lines.

Improve automation efficiencies

We have complete design and engineering capabilities.

Our packaging professionals will collaborate with your personnel to create packaging solutions that will achieve your objectives. We strive to decrease the amount of material used in an effort to support the global sustainability initiative.

We have many ways to reduce the amount of corrugated currently being utilized.

Cushioning, Blocking and Bracing, Voidfill and Surface Protection are all areas that can be evaluated and potentially improved upon. Reduce ...
Sustainability and Green Initiative Services

Sustainability and Green Initiative Services

"As state or process that can be maintained indefinitely. The principles of sustainability integrate three elements - the environment, the economy and the social system - into a system that can be maintained in a healthy state indefinitely."
British Columbia Ministry of Forests, 1996

Sustainable Development
"Development that meets the needs of the present with out damaging or compromising the ability of future generations to meet there own needs."
The United Nations, 1987

In an effort to support your requirements and the Global Sustainability Initiative APEX Packaging with your help will reduce materials in the waste stream, will utilize bio-stable and recyclable materials, will guide you to ...
Technical Field Support Services

Technical Field Support Services

Each of our experienced team members prides themselves in the delivery of responsive and timely service on the phone, in parts supply, and in the field. From initial consultation through integration, installation, start-up and training, to parts and technical service support you can count on APEX Packaging Corporation for Total Systems Support.

Our factory-trained packaging equipment system technicians are fully qualified to maintain, service, and source parts for all major brands of packaging equipment. Including: Shrink Packaging, Stretch Wrapping, Flexible Film Packaging, Case Packaging, Strapping and Bagging Machinery.

Preventative Maintenance
APEX Packaging can customize preventative maintenance programs ...
Packaging Line Integration Services

Packaging Line Integration Services

Many customers require diverse packaging needs within a single production line, multiple production lines, or in some cases plant wide. APEX Packaging can help integrate one packaging machine with another. We will help you design an entire packaging line, multiple packaging lines or design a complete plant layout. These lines can consist of equipment from a variety of manufacturers. APEX Packaging can set up packaging lines that include: De-Palletizers, Labelers, Conveyors, Tray and Case Erectors, Tray and Case Loaders, Case Sealers, Tray Stackers, Shrink Wrappers, Flow Wrappers, Stretch Wrappers, Bundlers, Palletizers, Bag Inserters, Check Weighers, Automating Mailing and Shipping Systems and Automatic Bagging Equipment.

With our ...
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