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Item # PackTiger Hybrid, PackTiger® Hybrid™ System

The new PackTiger® Hybrid™ system allows operators to use a single system to create either void-fill or cushioning materials with variable pad length and density. This is the first complete paper packaging system in the industry that offers selectable void-fill or cushioning material at the flip of a switch.

The PackTiger® Hybrid™ system produces pad-like paper material from sheets of 17-inch by 20-inch wide, 100 percent recycled paper. The materials are ideal for void-fill applications with small and medium voids, or can be used for more demanding cushioning and blocking and bracing applications. Compared to the output of other systems on the market, the pads produced by the PackTiger® Hybrid™ system provide superior protection and require less involvement from the operator - leading to a more consistent material usage per pack and a more predictable pack cost.

The new PackTiger® Hybrid™ paper packaging system is more compact than traditional paper packaging systems, allowing it to easily fit into any packaging operation. Configured to mount on a stand or on a table, the PackTiger® Hybrid™ system easily adapts to on-line work stations or can be used for batching.

The PackTiger® Hybrid™ system creates single, pre-set length pads or continuous length pads. By holding down the foot pedal, operators can create a continuous length of material or select the desired variable output length by turning the control knob. Operators also benefit from easy re-loading given the system’s removable tray front loading design.





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PackTiger Hybrid Paper Packaging System

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