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Biodegradable Shrink Packaging

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Shrink Packaging Film

Biodegradable Shrink Packaging Film

Shrink Packaging Films offer merchandising appeal for the protection of everything from industrial goods to consumer products. Our full line includes general purpose, abuse resistant, soft shrink, differential shrink force PVC, high speed, oxygen barrier, anti-fog , and aseptic PVC packaging films. APEX Packaging represents the finest films available including; Cryovac Polyolefin, Darnel PVC and PE Bundling Films used for brand packaging.
Shrink Packaging L-Sealers

Shrink Packaging L-Sealers

APEX Packaging offers a complete line of shrink packaging L-Sealers. L-Sealers range in speeds from 5 PPM to 35 PPM. Flexibility, ruggedness and consistency are all features of the L-Sealer design. L-Sealers can be integrated to both tunnels and a variety of infeed conveyor systems. Whether your requirements are wrapping food products, bio-pharma products, or retail items APEX Packaging has a system that will suit your needs.
High Speed Shrink Packaging Side Sealers (HS-1)

Shrink Packaging Side Sealers

APEX Packaging offers numerous choices of high speed shrink packaging side seal wrappers. These machines are capable of wrapping from 25 PPM - 250 PPM depending on your product size. Side Seal models can handle random length products without adjustment. The perfect choice for single pack, multi-pack and retail display packaging producing packages with high aesthetic value. These are an ideal choice for contract packagers.
Shrink Packaging High Speed Lap Seal (HS-2)

Shrink Packaging Horizontal Form, Fill & Seal

Shrink packaging horizontal form, fill and seal wrappers include both side seal and overlap seal hi-speed models capable of speeds of up to 200 PPM. Horizontal wrappers are designed for a wide array of products. Utilizing either a bottom lap seal or side seal HFFS wrappers are ideal for both short or extended production runs. The side seal main feature is random length presentation with no machine or film adjustment. The lap seal offers a reduced consumption of film impacting cost and sustainability.
High Speed / Dual Chamber Shrink Packaging Tunnels (T-81)

Shrink Packaging Tunnels

Versatile, Durable and Innovative are the best ways to describe our Shrink Tunnels. Our tunnels feature carefully controlled air velocity and temperature that are maintained throughout the tunnel for optimum film shrink. Tunnels are both made in stock sizes and custom sizes to fit your needs. All tunnels are built for long-lasting performance and efficient use of energy.
Shrink Packaging Bundlers and Sleeve Wrappers

Shrink Packaging Bundlers and Sleeve Wrappers

APEX Packaging offers both standard and custom engineered shrink bundling equipment. By eliminating corrugated and other packaging materials shrink bundling becomes more cost effective, more environmentally friendly and improves your products appearance and marketability. Shrink Bundling can work with either unsupported packs or supported packs; including corrugated pads, trays and modified corrugated cartons. To achieve the highest level of product marketing with shrink bundling Brand Packaging is an effective tool to increase your market share. High speed equipment for cans, bottles, cartons along with high graphic multi colored films will achieve the best total solution for your Brand Packaging needs.
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